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Overview of our season

Arts encountered many great things this season. I think the biggest thing we learned was how to become a stronger family together. At Arts we aren’t strangers, we’re all a little family. Arthur wanted everyone that came to Arts to have a good time, we made sure that everyone had a great time. We had many events going on over in the pavilion, though there are to many to list a few are bands, Halloween party, bingo, ice-cream social and many more. To have fun you don’t even need to spend tons of money, just grab some drinks, corn hole boards, and kick back and relax. There is also a pond to swim in, swings sets, volleyball and basketball courts. There are several things to do and I assure you, you will not get bored. Our staff at Arts helps out the campers as much as possible and are always around helping anyway they can. Without the staff we couldn’t make the campground nice and neat. The only big problem we had were speeders. You may ask why speeders? Here at Arts we like to make sure safety is #1. When driving through Arts you will see speed limit signs posted everywhere! They will either say speed limit 5 or 10, however we encourage you to stay at about 5 mph. We definitely don’t want anyone getting hit. Please remember that kids dart, drive smart. We thank everyone that came out to support our local business this year and hope to see you return!

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