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Arthur Airgood had 5 children, four daughters and one son. He bought a 40 plus acre land back in the mid-50’s. Back then, there was a bunch of farm ground, but a natural pond in the middle of it. History and story says that Arthur’s kids would maneuver through the 1/4 mile trip back to the natural pond while in high school. Some say, a little younger than that. They would have bonfires and go swimming in the pond late at night while listening to what we now call “classic rock.” Sometimes, they would bring tents and camp out. They sure weren’t playing Luckenbach Texas, which was Art’s favorite.

Art was a natural businessman and he thought that if those kids had so much fun, then maybe others would as well. So, in 1971 Art opened up what is now called Art’s Country Park. Bud and Lavon Keirn were his first paying customers. Campers started to trickle in and in ’79 Art decided to drag the pond and make it a bit deeper.

Building of the Bridge

Building of the Bridge

He built the “famous” bridge that is still there today that winter. It was done with family and the love of his life, Bonnie Lee.

In the ’80s Art’s Country Park earned more business and it became to be a little more than a hobby for Art. He hired a man named Tony. He would watch the office, clean the bathrooms, pavilion and even give Art’s grandkids many life lessons. Art always held a job outside of the park. A very hard working man!

There is a lot of history with this park. Art’s grandkids still take care of it to this day.


Art & Bonnie

We invite you to come out and take a little tour.

Join us in celebrating Arthur Airgood’s vision!





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